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An Urgent Appeal to The Government of Malaysia Not to Extradite the Uighur Political Refugees to China

An Urgent Appeal to The Government of Malaysia Not to Extradite the Uighur
Political Refugees to China
February 13, 2018
11 Uighurs from East Turkistan, who has been forced to leave their home land because of the cruel oppressions
of China, escaped from a prison of Thailand two months ago and now are seized in Malaysia. They had been
imprisoned in Thailand since 2014 with the accusation of illegally crossing Thailand border. Some news about
China’s request to the Government of Malaysia for extradition of 11 Uighur refugees to China have been
released today in the press. We, the Uighurs in exile, urgently appeal to the Government of Malaysia not to
extradite the Uighur political refugees to China.
No one knows the current situation of the innocent 109 Uighurs extradited to China by the Government of
Thailand on June 8, 2015. They have disappeared without a trace. China refuses to give the world any
information about them. We seriously worry about that the 11 Uighur refugees in Malaysia will face the same
fate of the 109 Uighurs extradited to China previously. They don’t have any crime except forcedly coming to
Malaysia through Thailand because of the inhuman oppressions of China. Being Uighur Muslims, they solely
want to live like a human being with freedom of belief and their own culture. If they are extradited to China,
they will face mistreatment, torture and long-term imprisonment. Even, their lives will be in danger.
Therefore, we, the union of non-governmental organizations of East Turkistan in Turkey, humbly request the
Government of Malaysia to see the problem from the point of humanity and Islamic brotherhood, to defend the
human rights of the Uighur people and not to extradite the refugees to China; and give them the shelter of
Muslim brotherhood.

Sincerely yours,
The Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of East Turkistan
The member organizations:
1. East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association
2. Muslim Scholars Union of East Turkistan
3. East Turkistan Youth and Culture Association
4. Sutuk Buğrahan Foundation of Knowledge and Civilization
5. Iman Association of Knowledge and Solidarity
6. Isa Yusuf Alptekin Foundation
7. Uighur Knowledge and Wisdom Foundation
8. Uighur Knowledge and Research Foundation

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